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The days are getting colder, have a warm heart, join us in this journey to make education accessible to everyone!

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RevOps Interview for HubSpot Academy's Revenue Operations Certification

HubSpot Academy's RevOps certification features so many amazing experts that I was honored to be included in the systems management lesson of the final product. Thanks so much to Kyle Jepson and Mary ...
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Event Summary: Operations Nation Documentation ConversatiON with Jen Bergren

Operations Nation (ON), a community-powered knowledge hub for operations leaders, hosted a ConversatiON with Co-founder Charlene Chen and me about how to set up your company for success by getting ...
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Improve your documentation by adding visuals and multimedia

Expanding on the post about how to write a business process, a key ingredient for any recipe, or process documentation, is adding visual or multimedia elements. Instructions become clearer when the ...
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Class Summary: Creating and Implementing a Sales Playbook that Sticks

The Pavilion community offers many great courses through their PavilionU (Pavilion University) program. Previously, all the courses were live, but recently they also began to offer on-demand, ...
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Event Summary: Documentation HubSpot Admin HUG with Nicole Pereira

The HubSpot Admin HUG (Hubspot User Group), hosted by HubSpot Evangelist Kyle Jepson, held an event on "How to Create Exceptional Documentation," featuring Nicole Pereira, Founder of Remotish and ...
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How to improve an existing documentation system

Congrats on having an existing documentation system! This is a rare accomplishment for many companies!
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How to create a documentation system: Assigning roles to your team

The hardest part of documentation is starting the habit of creating documentation.
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Documentation: How to write a clear business process anyone can follow

Documentation. Love it or hate it, it’s an important part of building and running an efficient and effective business. Writing down the business processes enables team members to repeat work ...
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Ellevate and Ellevest’s Sallie Krawcheck Speaks at Ellevate OC’s Anniversary

Financial guru Sallie Krawcheck’s mission is to help women reach their financial and professional goals, to get more money into the hands of women to unleash a positive ripple effect for our ...
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LinkedIn Local: Inspiring Stories from Women Business Owners

Linkedin Local San Diego, founded by Mary Fain Brandt and Maryrose Solis, hosted their first event at FemX Quarters in Mission Hills, San Diego.
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