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The days are getting colder, have a warm heart, join us in this journey to make education accessible to everyone!

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How to Overcome Objections to Documentation: Part 2

If you're trying to start a culture of documentation at your company, you'll likely face objections from people who've never experienced the benefits of written, updated standard operating procedures.
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How to Overcome Objections to Documentation: Part 1

Once you've started your process documentation efforts on your own, you may start to think about how to involve other people at your company in documentation. At that point, you will probably receive ...
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Event Summary: Documenting Success from Demand and Ops Unboxed

Thank you to Travis Scott for inviting me to the Demand & Ops Unboxed podcast to talk about documenting your business processes! We tested a new recording process on LinkedIn Live, and then ...
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Why is documentation important?

After you're familiar with the answer to "What is Documentation?" the next question you may ask is, "Why is documentation important?" Though we discussed the importance of process documentation ...
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Event Summary: 3:44 Live Show: Document Your Business Processes

Thank you to Trevor van Woerden for inviting me to the 3:44 show to talk about documenting your business processes! Thank you to Leslie Greenwood of Chief Evangelist Consulting for recommending me! ...
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How do you start documentation? Prioritizing the processes to document

You've likely found this blog since you're aware of all the benefits of documenting your business processes, but you haven't managed to start this important habit yet. Starting anything can be ...
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Event Summary: Using Teamwork to Document Processes

Culturish, remote culture experts, recently hosted a Teamwork User Group session about 'Using Teamwork to Document Processes' with Susan Fennema, Chaos Eradicating Officer (CEO) of Beyond the Chaos. ...
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What is documentation?

Welcome to the wonderful world of documentation! You likely found this blog while searching for answers about documentation. Maybe a colleague or manager mentioned how you might benefit from ...
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Event Summary: ZenPilot's How to build company processes webinar

ZenPilot, agency project management and operations experts, recently hosted a webinar about 'How to build company processesโ€”the fun and easy way.' ZenPilot's Content Marketing Manager, Jakub "Kuba" ...
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How to create a documentation system: Start with a personal system

Congratulations on starting your business process documentation! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Sometimes starting can be the hardest part of any big project or new behavior, and documentation is really a habit or behavior. ...
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