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Videos (recorded webinars, podcasts, and more):

I have a YouTube playlist for documentation-related videos.

A few of them are my content, but most of them are resources from other experts, including:

My own videos from speaking events are on this page.

Blogs, Articles, Posts, Guides

  • First Round Review discusses: Investing in Internal Documentation: A Brick-by-Brick Guide for Startups
  • Justin Norris shares a post and video about documentation tips and why it’s critical

  • Caity Cronkhite shares how a company’s engineering organization was losing over $120 million dollars PER YEAR because those core tools and processes aren't documented

  • IT Glue shares a guide for writing standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • Benjamin Hinson-Ekong writes about How to Build a Culture of Documentation

  • Drew Evans writes about How Notion Marketing uses Notion
  • Daphnée Laforest writes about how async is a culture shift (and it requires documentation)
  • DevDocs writes about ‍harnessing documentation as a powerful marketing tool‍
  • Elisa Reggiardo asks: Do you really need a doc approval flow?
  • Elisa Reggiardo at Slite writes about Unlocking Your Startup's Growth Potential with Knowledge Management
  • Dave Nunez explains why it’s worth it to invest in internal docs
  • Lauren Christiansen writes about nailing the basics of team knowledge management
  • Anouk van Tuinen writes about how should you structure your knowledge base
  • Keysa Yánez writes about feedback culture as a part of nature or something to nurture
  • Trainual shares a guide for how to document a process
  • Matt Stein writes about how good documentation is hard
  • The Manual shares How to Craft the Best Knowledge Transfer Plan
  • Josephine Conneely writes about how process impacts your culture
  • Dmitri Gaskin at Notion shares how Branch's living documentation system propels enterprise growth

  • Josephine Conneely writes about how process impacts your culture

  • Adi Klevit shares The Perfectionist’s Guide to Building Business Processes

  • Notion’s guide instructs how to keep knowledge documented and accessible

  • Jakub "Kuba" Grajcar shares 9 Quick Company Process Documentation Tips (feat. Hannah Shark)

  • Christopher Gwinn writes about The First Five SOPs To Document When Crafting Your Training Manual

  • Rebecca Nash shares how documenting processes brought peace of mind, trust, and clarity to the team

  • ZenPilot shares a process prioritization worksheet and video about it

  • Slite shares a guide for unlocking collective wisdom, knowledge management for startups

  • Lisa Gonzalez shares 8 benefits of documenting processes
  • Eli Zheleva shares how to clone HubSpot knowledge base articles
  • Tim Jordan writes about how to tackle a major knowledge base revamp

  • Arthur De Kimpe writes about Rethinking Your Data Platform Documentation So That People Actually Read It

  • Susan Fennema writes about Policy, Process, and Procedures

  • Jeff Cypher shares How to Create an Internal Wiki in ClickUp

  • Divio writes about the documentation system
  • Whale blog shares 7 Ways to Strengthen Process (And Why You Shouldn’t Overlook It)

  • RevOps Co-op shares a blog and webinar recording about how to Revolutionize Sales Enablement with Real-Time Tips for Process Adoption

  • Maggie Kornahrens shares common processes to document (and to make project management task templates for)
  • Intelivate shares a long article on documenting processes
  • Heap writes about Eliminating Data Silos, Part 1: Creating a Data Dictionary that Actually Works

  • Jakub "Kuba" Grajcar writes The Ultimate Guide to SOPs: Turn Your Business Into a Process-Driven Machine

  • Jared Chaffee writes: Read This if You Think Process Documentation is Futile
  • Adi Klevit shares How to Systematically Start Saying “No” and The Greatest Obstacles to Effective Delegation, and How to Overcome Them (both mention using documentation)

  • Gregory Dirick shares more in the Data & RevOps series, including accessibility & documentation

  • Justin Norris writes about documentation in the flow of work

  • Mike Rizzo has a poll about documenting your tech stack

  • Tim Jordan writes about how to launch an effective customer knowledge base in the next 30 days 

  • Charlie Saunders shares a 4-step RevOps documentation process 

  • Emily DiLeo writes about how knowledge management is more important than your repository

  • Tom Johnson writes about Diátaxis and if you should be using it with your documentation

  • Jakub "Kuba" Grajcar writes about the Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures, How to Train Employees on Standard Operating Procedures, and How to Document Standard Operating Procedures

  • Brandie Jenkins writes about the importance of knowledge sharing
  • Charity Medina writes about the saying to “"Systemize the predictabable so you can humanize the exceptional" through documentation

  • Alison Sollars writes about how documentation is underrated, and useful for learning and development 

  • Amanda Swim writes about rewarding your team members for helping their peers (my note – documentation is a way to help your peers!)

  • Adi Klevit shares Five Strategies for Building Processes that Support Delegation

  • ProcessDriven shares the Ultimate Guide to Systemize Your Business

  • Ro Fernn writes about how to Manage Your Team Async: The New Scalable Approach to Leadership (including documenting and systemizing processes)

  • Open Org shares about their culture of documentation
  • Venngage shows different visual examples to add to documentation
  • Mor Seban writes about redefining knowledge management in tech companies

  • Sam Seo shares The Complete Guide to Process Documentation and Process Improvement (with Templates) 

  • Jeff Ignacio writes about Writing your Sales Rules of Engagement (process) document 📝

  • Ekta Sachania writes about How Knowledge Management Can Set up Organizations for Sustainable Success and Optimizing Organization Functions with Knowledge Management (Part 1) 📝

  • Whale blog shares 11 Documentation Statistics to Make You Rethink Process in 2024 and a documentation ROI calculator 📝

  • Adi Klevit writes about The Dos and Don'ts of Process Documentation 📝

  • Kate Mueller writes about: Should your knowledge base be private, public, or a mix of both? 📝

  • Operators shares the Operator’s Handbook. Step #1 is document processes! 📝

  • Openprise shares The 2024 State of RevOps Survey. See page 36: 77% said Process building and documentation is an important skill in RevOps 📝

  • Al Dea writes about 5 ways to Get Your Team To Document Their Work 📝

  • Lisa Gonzalez writes about The Financial Impact of a Weak Process (and Documentation) Component 📝

  • Lisa Steingold writes about some best practices for naming and organizing your standard operating procedures (SOPs)📝

  • Workplaceless shares 4 Ways to Reduce Information Isolation in Distributed Teams 📝

Knowledge base and documentation examples




Look for book reviews for these and other books in the future on Medium


Videos (recorded webinars, podcasts, and more):

I have a YouTube playlist for RevOps-related videos.

A few highlights or non-YouTube videos:


  • Catherine McNally writes the complete guide to marketing operations management

  • MAN.Digital interviews Matt Volm about how to make RevOps a strategic business partner 

  • Growblocks shares a guide for strategic RevOps 

  • Dmitrii Ive shares 13 RevOps best practices companies follow this year (including documentation)

  • Eric Steeves writes about Breaking into RevOps: Key Skills to Accelerate Your Career Path

  • Leore Spira writes about Revolutionizing Revenue and Unleashing the Data-Driven Power of RevOps in the Product-Led Sales Landscape

  • Haris Odobasic at Revenue Wizards shares answers to What advice would you give anyone starting a career in RevOps?”

  • Daphne Lopes writes about maximizing the adoption of Customer Success playbooks

  • Kristi Park at GoNimbly shares 5 Tips for Creating a World-Class Customer Journey Map

  • Jim Soss at RevGenius writes about Revenue Objectives of Customer Success

  • Heloise Briere at writes about 5 Ways to Elevate Your In-House Marketing Operations Team

  • Pavilion shares a guide on Bringing Revenue Operations to Life in Your Organization

  • First Round Review discusses 21 ways to shore up your customer success org
  • RevOps Co-op writes about career growth in RevOps
  • RevOps Co-op discusses how to measure the impact of enablement

  • Gustavo Razzetti writes about how your team probably doesn’t know what alignment really means

  • Brendan Tolleson writes for RevGenius about “If You’re Neglecting Customer Success and RevOps, You’re Doing It Wrong”

  • The MKT1 newsletter explains how the (marketing) funnel isn’t dead — and how to document those funnels

  • Lindsay Cordell on RevGenius shares about The Rise of the Chief Go-To-Market Officer

  • Rebecca Nash writes about when you’ve been (unofficially) designated the Marketing Ops champion: Now what?

  • RevOps Automated shares a RevOps Project Roadmap template

  • Julian Alvarado writes about Mastering RevOps Strategies: A Blueprint for Success from Anne Pao

  • Jeff Ignacio shares RevOps Roadmaps and Prioritization Methodologies

  • Traction Complete shares a RevOps KPI Checklist, and a video from Mallory Lee on Measuring Your Tools, Business & RevOps





Other Resources


Employee Onboarding & Ongoing Training




Look for book reviews  for these and other books in the future on Medium


Videos (recorded webinars, podcasts, and more):

  • Ryan McRae shows how to build a training request form and workflow to fulfill training in HubSpot
  • Ispring shares a Sample Module of an Onboarding Online Course

Blogs and Articles

  • Articulate shares a guide for learning and development to train on people skills during onboarding

  • Rameel Sheikh shares What’s Wrong with Employee Onboarding 

  • Nicole Mace shares what you need to do before building an agency onboarding program

  • Nektar shares a 30-60-90 day guide for RevOps directors

  • Lattice shares 14 Essential Onboarding Documents for New Hires

  • Helen Colman writes The New Employee Onboarding Process and How to Get It Right

  • Nicole Wylie writes about Onboarding Automation: How to Put Employee Onboarding on Autopilot

  • Donna Weber writes about how Employee Onboarding: Unlock New Employee Potential from Day One 

  • Rubén Mancha and Salvatore Parise at Harvard Business Review ($) write about Using “Digital Academies” to Close the Skills Gap

  • Stacy Mayer shares a 30-60-90 Day Plan for Killing It In Your New Role 

  • Lyssa Test shares Everything You Need to Know About Onboarding Surveys

  • George B. Thomas writes and talks about Employee Engagement Strategies for Remarkable Experiences and Effective Onboarding with Joey Coleman

General Operations, Management & more



Look for book reviews  for these and other books in the future on Medium


Videos (recorded webinars, podcasts, and more):

I have YouTube playlist for operations, too.

Podcasts (general)

Blogs and Articles and Guides





Roadmaps -- Strategy & Planning - coming soon



Look for book reviews  for these and other books in the future on Medium


Videos (recorded webinars, podcasts, and more):

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Blogs and Articles

Learning & Development