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MBA Update: Digital Marketing Strategy

The final two classes in the digital marketing concentration of my MBA program were a class on customer experience management and one on digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing strategy is a topic that especially interests me, and I look forward to incorporating the lessons soon for this personal brand and for other businesses. I also enjoyed completing the new Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, as it had been a year since I completed the old certification.

Course Description

This Digital Marketing Strategy and Return on Digital Marketing Investment course will discuss digital marketing strategy development and how firms use digital media technology, including social, mobile, web and IoT technology to meet organizational goals and objectives. It will use conceptual frameworks, analytical tools and practical applications to explore how inbound and outbound  marketing efforts including websites, search engines, mobile apps, SaaS, and social media platforms to achieve an organizations marketing goals, create customer and firm value, drive innovation and disruptive change, enhance market-research processes, drive efficiencies in customer acquisition and retention, thus increasing customer and brand value.  As part of the course, students will acquire professional certifications and apply their learning to complete a real-life project during the course.

Case Studies and Books

Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing
(I may receive a small commision if you purchase this book)

Case Studies: BBVA Compass, Squatty Potty: Assessing Digital Marketing Campaign Data, The Hunger Games: Catching fire. Using Digital and Social Media for Brand Story-Telling, Accor Hotels and
the Digital Transformation

Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP) Core Curriculum Reading: Digital Marketing

HBSP: Online Metrics – What are You Measuring and Why?

How Digital Business Models Are Changing – Harvard Business Review 

Course Goals

  • Understand the fundamental building blocks of planning and developing a digital marketing strategy including inbound and outbound digital marketing including social and mobile, content marketing strategy, email marketing, personalization and data privacy
  • Understand how digital culture is changing how consumers buy-and therefore how firms go-to-market. It offers insight into how digital spaces and applications are offering companies new distribution outlets for demand generation, and provides a look at how digital aggregation is opening up intermediation opportunities in many industries.
  • Be familiar with relationships among measures of efficiency of search and display advertising, dependence of advertising campaign profit and ROI (return on investment) on its measures of efficiency, and advanced topics such as online-offline interaction and linking measurements to customer lifetime value (CLV).
  • Be familiar with barriers and considerations facing organizations at different stages of technology life cycle in terms of prioritizing technology and platform adoptions within and across industry verticals, balancing investing in versus monetizing digital assets.

A Few Lessons

I started an online MBA at Montclair State University in January 2017 and will graduate in February 2019.

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