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Email Marketing Testing: HubSpot San Diego Marketing Event

Earlier this year I attended a very interesting meeting of SD Inbound’s HubSpot User Group. Shelby Heath from Campaign Creators gave a presentation about the importance of testing in email marketing.

Key takeaways

  • Mobile optimization is very important. Eighty-one percent of smartphone users say email is the most popular activity on their phone. 54 percent of all emails are opened on mobile.
  • Email has an ROI of 4300 percent – but it requires serious work, thinking bigger than just clicks and opens, and thinking of each email as a vehicle for driving growth. Results take time and require time spent.
  • Seventy-three percent of B2B leads are not sales-ready. Educate these leads, build trust, and stay top of mind using email marketing.
  • The attention ratio is: as the number of links in an email increases, the number of clicks decreases. Another part of this ratio states that as the number of images increases, the click-through rate decreases. This is especially true for B2B email recipients who prefer 1 to 0 images in order to convert (newsletters may be the exception). These figures prove the concept of decision overwhelm or analysis paralysis.
  • Your deliverability of marketing emails is defined as how successful you are at getting your emails into recipients’ inboxes and not bounced or caught in spam filters. Deliverability affects all the email for your domain. Even your incoming mail can be affected if your company has a bad reputation as a result of spammy email marketing sent from your domain.
  • Clean up your list to get rid of bounces and people who have never opened an email. This will increase your click and open rate immediately. It also improves your email reputation with the ISPs and ESPs. Email lists decay 23% a year anyway because people change jobs, so don’t be afraid to prune your list.

Thanks to my friend Mary for taking my photo!

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I had a week-long break from my MBA classes so I hope to catch up on a few blog posts, in addition to creating overviews of the most recent classes I finished.

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