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MBA Update: Applied Marketing Management

School and work have kept me too busy to post for a while! I have finished one year of the MBA program so will try to catch up on class overviews while I’m technically on break before January’s classes begin.

What is Strategic Marketing Management?

Strategic Marketing Management is a systematic process of building sustainable competitive advantage by offering a superior value proposition to target consumers compared to what competitors can or are able to offer.

A few lessons

  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Market Segmentation and Targeting – Methodologies
  • Differentiation, Positioning and Perceptual Maps
  • Value Creation – Product and Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy for New Market Entries
  • Product Life Cycle: Marketing Strategies
  • Value Capture – Pricing and Sales Forecasting
  • Value Communication – Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

The course goals:

This course will provide you with the conceptual basis to identify and analyze marketing problems and understand how creative marketing strategies can be developed to create competitive advantages for the firm. Specifically, the course will cover issues relating to the marketing concept, designing marketing strategy for new, existing and mature products, and implementing marketing mixes – product, price, place and promotions. The treatment will be both conceptual as well as analytical with an emphasis on managerial decision-making.

Course Goal 1: Learn the importance of strategic marketing planning within the organization and develop the ability to define and analyze the marketing problems dealt with by managers with the goal of developing marketing plans.

Course Goal 2: Understand and use data perform segmentation, targeting and positioning and use them to inform marketing decision making through the product life cycle, as it relates to product, price, distribution and promotion strategy

Course Goal 3. Acquire knowledge of analytical concepts including sales forecasting, demand management, competitive strategy in emerging, growing, and mature industries with the goal of creating, capturing, and sustaining customer value.



I started the online MBA program at Montclair State University in January 2017.

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