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I create the resources I wish I had when I was helping build a new company, saving you time and stress from trial and error.

Human-centered operations

Process Documentation

Human-centered operations education features rarely discussed people skills such as the first core topic of documentation and knowledge management, as well as enablement, onboarding and training, communication, visible planning, and more.

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Overcoming Overwhelm


”This is the course I've been wanting to take for years. Jen created a course that is easy to follow and corrals all the information in my head into an understandable format that everyone can follow.”

Mary Stovall - Business Consultant | Digital Strategy | Agile | Scrum

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The human side of

Revenue Operations

Working at one of the first RevOps agencies led me to interview experts in the industry to align on a definition of RevOps to help professionals succeed. This research led to a RevOps BootCamp cohort course, a book (in-progress), a newsletter, and more. Unlike the majority of RevOps content on the internet, tools and tech are not the focus here.

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Operations templates for generalist topics such as documentation.

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