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Documentation Writing Template

PDF and Google Doc template

A template for writing business process documentation so it has the information you and your team need to learn and repeat work efficiently and effectively.

Watch the video to see the entire template.

Help yourself and your team write helpful and standardized process documentation.

  • Make it easy for users to find information in different articles, so they know where to look –  encourage user adoption
  • Remove barriers for creation by giving people a template to fill out, instead of having them start with a fear of the blank page (leading to procrastination)
  • Give everyone all the information they need, such as when the article was last updated and who updated it, so they know it is current process or who to ask - encourage user adoption
This document includes instructions, the template, and a completed example of documentation using the template. It is available in PDF and Google Doc formats.

Purchase the template: $10

Why do you need a standardized documentation template?

The document structure is like the interior layout and signage inside a building, directing people to where they need to go.

Keep the structure standard for every piece of documentation so people can quickly find the info they need, no matter which document or article they are looking at. 

People like familiarity, for things to make sense visually.

Tip: Don't overwhelm users with a giant document unless it's broken into subheadings, ideally with navigation for quick scrolling (subheadings being like aisles in a store or floors in a building, in our building analogy above). You'll see a Table of Contents section in this template that accomplishes this goal.


Read more about creating documentation in this guide.