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Documentation Systems Workshop Workbook

PDF and Google Doc template

Workbook from my workshop, Create a system to keep documentation in use and updated

Includes a template to answer questions to create your personal system, and a template to answer questions to create a system to add other people into the system.

Though you'll see mentions of class timing in the workbook, if you'd rather do this work on your own instead of taking a class, this workbook has enough instructions to be useful in guiding your documentation journey.

Workbook includes:

  • 13 pages
  • Instructions
  • Advice and worksheet to create a personal system to create and maintain documentation
  • Advice and worksheet to create a team- or company-wide system for creating and maintaining documentation

It is available in PDF and Google Doc formats.


NOTE: This workbook is included in the full documentation course workbook.


Buy the workbook: $15

Help yourself and your team create and keep documentation up-to-date:

  • Create your personal system, including time & tasks, usage & reminders, communication & tools, organizing, and more
  • Create a way to add other people into the system, so you're not the only one responsible for the entire company's documentation! Including roles: users, editors, creators, approvers, owners