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Documentation Culture-building Worksheets

PDF and Google Doc template

Worksheets from the final class from my course, How and Why to Document Your Business Processes

Includes templates for building a culture of documentation.

You can see the included template in the video.

Worksheets includes:


  • Instructions
  • Advice and worksheets for building a culture of documentation


It is available in PDF and Google Doc formats.

The workbook also includes a coupon code for $10 off the course. 


NOTE: This workbook is included in the full documentation course workbook.


Buy the worksheets: $10

Help yourself and your team experience the benefits of documentation:

  • Reducing stress of team members, the strain on your brain to remember how to do everything (especially if you’re “doing more with less,” a common theme in businesses right now)
  • See, agree on, and improve processes
  • Efficiently iterate and experiment
  • Improve employee onboarding 
  • Attract and retain more talent, the ultimate result of building and maintaining this culture