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MBA Update: Emerging Trends in Global Markets

I finished my latest two classes in the MBA program in October. One class was on international business, titled “Emerging Trends in Global Markets.”

Course Description

This course introduces students to a dynamic global business environment wherein managers are responsible for effective strategic, organizational, and human capital management. The focus is on contemporary trends in global markets, including the expanding European Union, increasing trade among countries in the Americas, and rapidly growing economies in Asia, that present managers with challenging strategic decisions in an increasingly integrated world economy. In addition, the growing influence of technology in the global marketplace is discussed throughout the course. Concerns about corporate social responsibility also receive due attention.


  • Develop an informed understanding of how national differences in culture, political and legal systems, and the economic environment affect international business activities.
  • Have a basic understanding of international financial markets.
  • Have an understanding of the alternative international business strategies, including different foreign market entry strategies.
  • Develop case analysis, problem-solving, report writing skills, and ability to work productively in a team.
  • Develop the capacity to make ethical choices in international business issues.

Books and Case Studies

International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace, 11e, by Charles W. L. Hill and G. Tomas M. Hult, McGraw-Hill Education, 2017.

Koc Holding: Arcelik White Goods

West Indies Yacht Club Resort: When Cultures Collide


Layton Canada

A Few Lessons

  • Globalization, International Business, and Differences in Culture
  • Political Economy, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
  • The Strategy and Structure of Int’l Business
  • Country Selection and Entry Strategies
  • Global Monetary System
  • Govt. Influence on Int’l Trade & Cross-National Cooperation
  • Exporting, Importing & Countertrade
  • Global Marketing and R&D

The final paper was an in-depth cultural or economic analysis of a country from a specific list. I chose a cultural analysis of Morocco, pretending I was an executive from a beauty product company thinking of expanding into Morocco (for production, sales, distribution, or more).

I started an online MBA at Montclair State University in January 2017 and will graduate in February 2019.

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